4 Essential Reasons Not to Neglect Window Treatments

There are many reasons that home-owners may avoid adding window treatments. They may assume that they’re not as crucial as other textiles, or they may enjoy the appearance of their windows without curtains. In many circumstances, they just don’t want to lose the vista they have. I’m going to share four essential reasons that almost all rooms need when choosing window treatments.

1. They add privacy

2. Window treatments can safeguard your belongings

3. You can reduce your utility costs

4. They’re a unique way to showcase your creative style

If you’re like most of my clients, you don’t want strangers to be able to easily see into your home. Too often I encounter homeowners assuming if they live on a hill or in a condo on the 20th floor, that people can’t see into their homes. This isn’t true. Window curtains add the privacy you need to feel safe and secure in your own home.

Introducing high quality window treatments can prevent your furniture and other accessories from fading due to obstructing UV rays.

The Department of Energy has said that installing a variety of window treatments, such as shades and curtains can reduce how much heat is lost in the winter and how much heat is gained in the summer. The outcome is lower energy bills month after month.

Do you want your home to reflect your creative personality? Then window treatments should be an essential element of your decorating intentions. You can choose the colors that flatter your home, designs you lust after, and the perfect fabric, whether it’s luxurious silk curtains, vintage cotton velvet curtains, or streamlined cellular blinds, there are professedly endless ways you can decorate your windows that present your home and family with personal and unique style.