Curtain Lengths

Are there guidelines for how long draperies should be? As with any design rule, yes and no.

In general, draperies are designed for rooms that are more formal and elegant. Drapes that are shorter are usually meant for more relaxed and casual rooms. Many of my clients choose this style for their kitchens or modern bathrooms.

There are modifications between longer and shorter, depending on the room. Here are a few rules for concluding the best length for assorted draperies and curtains:

When designing curtains for a formal demeanour the fabric should just barely touch the floor. For a more romantic feel, consider drapes of a length that pools on the floor. Draw draperies that fall to the floor are ideal for the family room or den. This is also a preference for recreation rooms. Many choose curtains that hang above the floor moldings or baseboards; this is a drapery “rule of thumb” I follow if my clients are not sure what length of drapery to choose. For windows that are very low, try installing rods just beneath the ceiling and hanging long drapes. Cramped windows can be difficult to appreciate but by mounting curtain rods at a far distance from the opening’s outside edges; followed by, installing drapes so that they slightly cover the frame of your window it will make the window look more broad and appealing.