Curtain Trends for 2017

Whether you’re thinking of redecorate your home or you just like to keep a creative eye on what’s popular in home decorating, these curtain trends are worth taking a look at. Some you may notice are already popular, while others are unique trends for the upcoming year.

Blackout curtains are likely to become more popular.

Hotels use black out curtains for privacy but now we are seeing them more and more in residential homes. The main reason they are becoming more in demand is because there are now dozens of options to pick from. Before all these options, blackout curtains were ideal but not attractive. With creative designs, they can now be fashioned in almost any pattern or colour.

Prints are making a come back!

Patterns come in and out of favour as fashion seasons come and go. Solid colours are in demand one year and the next all my clients want are patterns. Curtains with patterns are going to be incredibly popular, especially in shades of grey.

Greens seem to be very prominent.

Top designers and trend setters are expressing a great deal of love for green along with tropical colours. This includes every shade of green, shades of brown, and floral prints.

An array of opacity choices.

These days, there are so many depths of opacity. For example, you may want a blackout curtain in your child’s bedroom to help them sleep, however you want more opaque in your living or dining room. As scientists learn more about the importance of sleep hygiene and the short-term and long-term health effects, people are researching more ways to get better sleep. The outcome of this research has led many people thinking of blackout curtains in their bedroom to improve their sleeping experience.